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Nancy Tichborne teaches Watercolours 1

Nancy Tichborne's floral work features in calendars, books, cards and magazines. She used to run watercolour workshops, which were extremely popular. This DVD, her first, is based on those classes.
In it she outlines materials, explains and demonstrates what is to her the very essence of watercolours, and goes on to show the techniques she employs to achieve luminosity and depth of colour. The effect light has on a subject is all important to her and she goes to great lengths to show how to avoid 'muddiness' and to create the clarity and purity she herself strives for.
This one and a half hour DVD will appeal to both beginners and experienced watercolourists - sections of it will be referred to time and time again... Nancy's enthusiasm for the medium is infectious and she hopes it will inspire others to participate in and enjoy the art of watercolours.

Running time : 90 minutes


Nancy Tichborne teaches Watercolours 2

In her first DVD Nancy introduced the viewer to the basics of watercolour painting. Following on from there in this second one she goes on to explore a series of different techniques, which culminate in the step by step progression of a complete painting utilising time-lapse photography.

Amongst the techniques she goes through in great detail are direct painting, wet on wet, overlapping washes and lifting...

This 125 minute DVD is designed to give both novice and experienced watercolourists alike many hours of useful and informative viewing.

Running time : 125 minutes


Nancy Tichborne teaches Watercolours 3 (Landscapes)

Nancy Tichborne is a New Zealand watercolour artist whose first two DVDs have proved international bestsellers. In this, her third DVD, she shows how to paint landscapes. Firstly outside and subsequently in her studio working from photographs. In her first DVD, Nancy introduced the viewer to the basics of watercolour painting. In the second, she went on to explain a series of different techniques. Now here in her third, she inspires the viewer to try the spontaneous approach to painting outside. Also how to tackle large washes, shadows on hillsides, reflections on water and how to simplify complicated foliage using her layering technique of wash over wash. This 1 hour 20min DVD is designed to give both novices and experienced watercolourists much inspirational and useful viewing.

Running time : 80 minutes


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